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Each month, I send out an email with local information about gardening talks and events, newly-discovered educational links and books, and where to find products and services for your fruit trees and garden. To receive the monthly newsletter, send an email to with your name, street address, city, state, zip, and email address. Of course, I will not give out or sell your address information.

14 thoughts on “Monthly Newsletter

  1. Paulla

    We just paid off our Farm and ready to start an Orchard. Would love your news letter. We are in Eureka county

  2. Melinda Blackwell

    I would love to receive your news letter. Thanks. Also would like an estimate for pruning our apple trees. I have “pruned” with just a feeling of ZEN – but I’m sure they would love a professional “haircut”. Thanks.

  3. Tom Stewart

    New to Northern NV and have apple trees. Interested in learning about caring for these as well as cherry trees for this area. Thanks!

  4. Bessie Oakley

    Hi Michael,

    I spoke with you a few days before Christmas about getting my old apple trees pruned. You mentioned they were too big for you but that you could refer me to someone and that I could sign up for your newsletter. You had mentioned the name of the service you recommended, but I promptly forgot.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing the newsletter!

    Bessie Oakley

  5. Debra

    Dear Michael,
    Your class tonight is great. Please sign me up for the newsletter and the other goodies.
    Thank you so much,


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