Hi, I’m Michael Janik; thank you for visiting me at michaelsapples.com.
I have a collection orchard in northern Nevada containing 100 varieties of apples, a dozen stone fruits, currants, raspberries, and grapes. All of my trees are on dwarf rootstocks and are supported on wire fences. I have grafted over half of my trees and pruned them as espaliers, central-leader dwarf pyramids, and French-axe forms.

I provide pruning services in the Reno area. I am an ISA Certified Arborist # WE-7466A; I specialize in fruit trees and espaliers. I am also a Nevada Nursery Stock Dealer #8642 and sell bare-root, dwarf apple trees in March and April. To request a Price/Availability List of available apple varieties, email [email protected].

My apple calendar details my upcoming orchard chores; the same chores you should be scheduling for your fruit trees. If you live in northern Nevada, you may want to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter containing tree care tips, educational links, recommended books, and where to find local products/services for your fruit trees.

I am the cook in our home; some of my favorite recipes are posted here. I am also learning the art of cider, wine, and beer making. To learn about my fermentations, come down into my cellar–janikuv sklep.

A wealth of information on fruit and fruit trees exists in print and on the internet. Here are a few of my favorite books and links.

…and, what is the Hantavirus Hilton?

Thanks again for stopping in. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

40 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Andy and Rhonda Sallaberry

    My husband and I attended your class tonight. We sat in the front row. I can’t tell you how much applicable information we took away from your class and how much we thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband thought you were a hoot! Thank you Michael for sharing your knowledge. We would be interested in your next tree pruning class.

    Thank you again,
    Andy and Rhonda Sallaberry

  2. Sandralene Caffee

    Hello, Micheal. I’d like to start several fruit trees in Paradise Valley, NV. If you could contact me via email until we can meet in person that would be wonderful. Thank you.

  3. Jo heinle

    Hello Michael.. we are in need of someone to prune our 3 fruit trees,& perhaps show us how for next year also! We have an Apple that did not produce this year.. a peach that was great.. yet she’s a bit puny…& an Asian pear that produced well.. we are learning that our fruit trees need to be pruned to produce. 🙂
    We live in west Reno..& would like to make an appt with you b/4 winter sets in. Which seems to be soon with the weather lately?

  4. Cathy Carlock

    hello, I am with the Modoc Harvest Heritage Fruit Tree Project out of Surprise Valley, in Cedarville CA. Close to your neck of the woods.

    I was informed you have a list of scion available and the order date is by Jan 25th. How would I be able to check out this list?

    Bee Well

  5. Martin Ulstein

    It is nice to see so many people working to preserve our heirloom varieties of apples and other fruit trees.
    Grafting espaliers and other things is a real art. Also apples are an amazing fruit.

  6. Phil Lee

    Hi Michael,

    We just spoke and I would like you to come out in early March to look at my trees. Best time is weekends and Monday, Tuesday (morning). Just let me know when you want to come over. I can be reached at 775.762.6326. It was nice meeting you and thanks again.

  7. Phil Lee

    Hi Michael,

    We just spoke and I would like you to come out in early March to look at my trees. Best time is weekends and Monday, Tuesday (morning). Just let me know when you want to come over. I can be reached at 775.762.6326. It was nice meeting you and thanks again.

  8. Ginger Wilson

    Hi Michael,
    I would like to know more about how to get my fruit trees to produce more fruit. Specifically apple, plum & apricot. I would also like to be included in your monthly newsletter.

    Thank you

  9. Ron Wheeler

    I would like to sign up for your newsletter. I am also interested in talking to you about the walipini we are putting in and our desire to grow citrus and avocados here in Northern Nevada

  10. ROBERT Tschida

    Looking forward to the newsletter.
    Are you going to have raspberry plants for sale this year
    Thanks Bob

  11. David

    I took Your grafting class two years ago and a couple of the trees are very stunted they are leafing out but seem to not be interested in adding any new limb growth. They are still the same size as when I grafted them. They are a king David and a belle de boskoop. My other apple/fruit trees in the same area are doing fine so if you have any suggestions on how to coax these two into seeing their potential would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
    David Nightingale

  12. Elisa

    I have a big beautiful apple tree that always provides us with a large bounty of apples every year. Unfortunately they always have worms. I’m curious how to safely prevent this.

  13. Kenneth Ryfkogel

    I’m selling brand new apple press from happy valley apple press.
    I got no email address, if you know someone interested you can text or call me to 775-240-2261.
    Thank you.

  14. Sandra Chamberlin

    Will you please add me to your newsletter distribution as recommended by some members of the Northern Nevads Gardening fb group. I have asian pear that have not produced reliably the five years I’ve had them.

  15. Peter


    My wife and I just bought a house with plenty of land to plant fruit trees and grapes. We have some experience growing in this area (Spanish Springs), but any expert advice is always welcome.

    We have usually received our plants as gifts or bought at local nurseries however we are very interested in getting a price and availability list from you.

    Thank you!

  16. James Benson

    He.llo, We will be moving to the east end of Dayton in April. We live in Washington and have multiple apple varieties on our acres. Please advise what varieties of Apples will be good in the Dayton area. Please add me to your monthly newsletter. Thank You.

  17. Jeanette Evans

    Watching your talk on the Bartley Series. Please add me to your newsletter list. We bought a property 3 yrs ago that had existing fruit trees that were very neglected. We have Cherry, Apples, Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Pear. Still learning how to care for them. Any other recommendations would also be helpful.

    Great talk – thanks.

  18. Sophie Blankenship

    I would like a copy of the packet that you talked about in your Bartley Ranch presentation. How do I go about getting that?

  19. Jan Harris

    Hi Michael,
    Great presentation this evening on pruning fruit trees.
    I would love to have the newsletter and packet that you referenced.
    Thank You!

  20. Maureen Hoban

    I enjoyed your class on Zoom from UNR extension. I have 5 fruit trees in Washoe Valley. Please include me in your email list for info.

  21. Cathy Hollomon

    Hi, Michael,
    I really enjoyed your talk last night on fruit trees. It was very informative. Will you please:
    — Subscribe me to your newsletter?
    — send me packet of information you mention during last night’s presentation?


    Oops, I missed your workshop on pruning last night. Did you record it or have something similar on utube?

    ps. You are welcome to advertise your classes, services, etc. on our Biggest Little Bee City USA site:
    biggestlittlebeecityusa.org. It is for anything environmental….if you have a logo you may add it also.

  23. Lucky

    Thanks for your fruit tree seminar this past Monday.
    Some things to share with you.
    Try Ark Freedom blackberries (thornless). The best blackberry I have grown. Ark 45 is also good but thorny.
    These are far better than the many other blackberries I have grown except maybe Triple Crown.
    I have grown numerous kinds of elderberries. Samdhal and Samyl (Danish varieties) are way too vigorous.
    The American and Canadian horticultural varieties are way better than the wild varieties.

  24. Natasha Stott

    Hello there Michael,

    I am working with the Nevada Division of Forestry as a fellow and am working on a project that aims to compile information of hertitage (hisotric) orchards foudn throughout the state and make a map out of this. I am curious if you may have any relevant information on this topic, know of any orchards yourself that may qualify, or have any contacts that couyld help me. Please email me if you do and I appreciate it very much!

  25. Dom Narducci III

    My wife and I had a wonderful time at your talk on Tuesday night (Pruning and Training Fruit Trees). We just moved here from CT in December. We have a pear tree and an apple tree in our backyard, both neglected for several years.

    I hope your statement “I never saw a tree die from pruning” is true! We may test that theory!

    Please add me to your newsletter list.

  26. Kimberly Lipparelli Fecko

    Hello, Michael. My name is Kimberly Lipparelli
    I’ve found a true passion for growing fruit trees in Elko, Nevada & am eager to learn all I can. Your chore schedule sounds like a godsend! May i please sign up for your schedule/newsletter? I will continue to keep an eye out on your site for all of your valuable insights & knowledge.
    Regards, K. LIPP

  27. Matthew D Krause

    Hi Michael,
    My spouse and I are avid gardeners and love receiving your newsletter to keep us focused :). Thank you for your passion and dedication. I am sending a note because we have been looking for a particular Apple tree variety that my spouse recalls from her childhood in Germany. It’s an old school variety and difficult to track down (at least with Google and Bing). We would like to purchase a “Jacob Fisher” (AKA: Jacob Fischer, Jakob Fischer) tree or tree cutting if anyone has one of these available in their orchard or garden. Please let me know if anyone knows of this old variety and can assist with information or a source for acquiring.
    Best Wishes,
    Matthew K.

  28. Kathy Handy-Ramos

    Hello Michael,
    My Name is Kathy. I have an apple tree, and royal Ann cherry tree.
    My apple tree had apples for the first time last year. I never thought it would .
    My cherry tree is around 15 years old. It always has cherry blossoms, but no cherries.
    My mother also has an apple tree, cherry tree, peach tree, apricot & pear tree.
    every year she is blessed with fruit, but we don’t anything about pruning.
    I just got some info off the internet about it. I hope it works.
    March 4, 2024
    Kathy (775) 771-2345


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