Hi, I’m Michael Janik; thank you for visiting me at michaelsapples.com.
I have a collection orchard in northern Nevada containing 100 varieties of apples, a dozen stone fruits, currants, raspberries, and grapes. All of my trees are on dwarf rootstocks and are supported on wire fences. I have grafted over half of my trees and pruned them as espaliers, central-leader dwarf pyramids, and French-axe forms.

I provide pruning services in the Reno area. I am an ISA Certified Arborist # WE-7466A; I specialize in fruit trees and espaliers. I am also a Nevada Nursery Stock Dealer #8642 and sell bare-root, dwarf apple trees in March and April. To request a Price/Availability List of available apple varieties, email memichael@michaelsapples.com.

My apple calendar details my upcoming orchard chores; the same chores you should be scheduling for your fruit trees. If you live in northern Nevada, you may want to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter containing tree care tips, educational links, recommended books, and where to find local products/services for your fruit trees.

I am the cook in our home; some of my favorite recipes are posted here. I am also learning the art of cider, wine, and beer making. To learn about my fermentations, come down into my cellar–janikuv sklep.

A wealth of information on fruit and fruit trees exists in print and on the internet. Here are a few of my favorite books and links.

…and, what is the Hantavirus Hilton?

Thanks again for stopping in. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thomas M Nichols

    Talked with you today. Look forward to your call when you get back.

    Tom Nichols
    3783 Vancouver Drive
    Reno, NV 89511
    (775) 636-6287

    Two apple trees and cherry tree in back of house under our “anti-aviary”. Trees est. 6.5 feet high. Believe apple trees are Golden Delicious and Granny Smith. Would be “nice” to graft on a couple of extra varieties.

    We have a “crab apple” tree beside house. Crab apple is in italics because apples came out larger than expected. Red apples and bland taste but great apple sauce. Tree is split (two years ago) but blooming fine from all branches. Worried about split.

    We have a Prairie Fire flowering crab in front. Want to make sure pruning properly because not spreading horizontally. Flowers are coming into peak – looks great.

    We transplanted a Arkansas Black (?) from the back to front because no apples. Tree planted from nursery 2013, moved winter 2014. Cherry tree in back planted 2013 and moved into “anti-aviary” in place of Arkansas Black. Thinking was that Arkansas Black not cross pollinating with Golden Delicious or Granny Smith. Maybe add grafts to Arkansas Black so it bears fruit. Also looking for ideas to spread netting over crab apple on side of house and Arkansas Black in front of house (if begins to bear fruit).

    Sorry to leave long message but want to describe issues.

  2. Judy Kareck

    Hi Michael:

    I’m very interested in purchasing some good peach and apple/pear trees for this area. Would you happen to have any good fruit trees left to plant for this season?

    Please let me know.

    I can be reached at my email address or on my cell phone at 775-200-5143. Kinda late in the request, but I just learned about you recently, and am excited at planting a new garden!

    Thank you!!!
    Judy Kareck

    1. Michael Post author

      No. There were some commercial orchards in the early 20th century. Some others are going now, but would sell locally and not have extra to export.


  3. Kathy Andersen

    Hi Michael, my dagger and son-in-law are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary which is traditionally something g wood. We thought a dwarf apple would be perfect. We live in So. CALIF. Is it possible let to have one delivered? They live off of Ross on the 80.

    Thank you,

    Kathy Andersen

    1. Michael Post author

      I do not have any more trees for sale this year. It’s a little late for a catalog order; I’d recommend a gift cert for one from one of the local nurseries like Rail City Garden Center http://railcitygardencenter.com/contact I saw a Honeycrisp tree out there the other; it’s a great apple for our area.



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