Hi, I’m Michael Janik; thank you for visiting me at michaelsapples.com.
I have a collection orchard in northern Nevada containing 100 varieties of apples, a dozen stone fruits, currants, raspberries, and grapes. All of my trees are on dwarf rootstocks and are supported on wire fences. I have grafted over half of my trees and pruned them as espaliers, central-leader dwarf pyramids, and French-axe forms.

I provide pruning services in the Reno area. I am an ISA Certified Arborist # WE-7466A; I specialize in fruit trees and espaliers. I am also a Nevada Nursery Stock Dealer #8642 and sell bare-root, dwarf apple trees in March and April. To request a Price/Availability List of available apple varieties, email memichael@michaelsapples.com.

My apple calendar details my upcoming orchard chores; the same chores you should be scheduling for your fruit trees. If you live in northern Nevada, you may want to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter containing tree care tips, educational links, recommended books, and where to find local products/services for your fruit trees.

I am the cook in our home; some of my favorite recipes are posted here. I am also learning the art of cider, wine, and beer making. To learn about my fermentations, come down into my cellar–janikuv sklep.

A wealth of information on fruit and fruit trees exists in print and on the internet. Here are a few of my favorite books and links.

…and, what is the Hantavirus Hilton?

Thanks again for stopping in. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Brian Eubanks

    Greetings! My name is Brian Eubanks. I am one of the City of Reno Urban Forestry Commissioners, an ISA Certified Arborist and horticulture consultant here in Reno. My friend Susan Cody Adams suggested that I contact you after I told her the I was working with some people and organizations to arrange an apple harvest themed educational event. She suggested that I speak with you and see if he would be willing to make some suggestions and possibly recommendation to help make our event a success. Thank you in advance Brian 775-685-6469

  2. Pam

    Please add me to your email list. My family had an apple orchard back in northern Illinois so when we moved to Nevada I wanted fruit trees. However I’ve been struggling with growing fruit here and I’m looking for any suggestions you may have. My biggest issue seems to be with the birds and squirrels eating all my fruit


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